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  About Us

Welcome to AllNightCafe.com

We are a small group of people sharing our love of IRC, our love of coffee and friendship.

We welcome everyone, we are a diverse group of people, and welcome everyone equally.

We were founded by 36F,  in hopes to have a safe place to chat, and enjoy a variety of topics.

We are a simple but complex network, come join us, you'll meet friends, form long lasting relationships.

IRC is simply one of the longest living forms of multi media chat platforms, we have seen MSN and ICQ to name a few come and go, but IRC is still here.

Come join us today!


Channel And Nickname Management.

You have the ability to register your channel and nickname using services that will help you manage it with ease.

We offer HostServe and other tools and games that help you create a fully customized experience.

We offer games, and many different resources to help you.

And have a full staff available to help you at all times.


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