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  Help Files

Here are some simple help files to help you with using our network.

A good first step is using the help files.

We have services that do help you customize and help you use our network so lets take a look at them.

ChanServ - Helps you manage your channel.

NickServ - Helps you keep your nickname.

HostServ - Assigns you a host to customize your nickname.

Memoserv - Is like IRC voice mail.

So to start you can always get help and look at many of the commands by using help, example /msg Chanserv Help and you will see a list of all the ChanServ Commands.

We will show you a list of some of the most important commands that will help you, but please note, these are not all.

If you need help please join us in #Help and someone will be more than happy to assist you.



Help | /msg ChanServ Help | A listing of commands in ChanServ

Ban | /msg ChanServ BAN #Channel +Expiry (Nick or Hostmask) Reason | Bans someone from your room.

Drop | /msg ChanServ DROP #Channel | To unregister a channel.

Kick | /msg ChanServ KICK #Channel Nick Reason | Kicks someone from a channel.

Register | /msg ChanServ REGISTER #Channel Description | Registers a room to your nick.


These are access levels to your room like room staff, people who help you run and control your room, to help maintain your room.

Please note that IRCops will not be assisting in Channel Level issues, they can assist and advice, but will not go in and ban or kick or automatically give access to themselves or anyone else.

So what are these levels?

+v is a voice op, they can still chat in the room when its moderated.

+h is a half op, they can help voice people.

Why would you want a voice or half op aside from vanity, lets say you want to moderate the channel, you would moderate the channel, if you got a troll, or spammers, or something that you don't want them annoying your users before you can kick the problem child out.

You can /mode #Channel +m and there we go, no one without ops, a voice or half ops can speak until /mode #Channel -m or they are at least voiced.

AOP is the main op and they will have a @ they can kick ban modify your room topic and are the real first level of ops.

SOP is the 2nd level of Op, these are noted with a & and are for the more trusted users, kind of more management, and have more access.

QOP is like one of the owners and have a ~ they can do everything a room owner can do.

You can add delete easily by the following.

/msg ChanServ VOP/HOP/AOP/SOP/QOP #Channel add Nickname/Mask

/msg ChanServ VOP/HOP/AOP/SOP/QOP #Channel del Nickname/Mask


Set | /msg ChanServ Set | Performs a list on different ways to set different commands for your room.

I would encourage you to take some time and look at the help files and see a complete list of things you can do and how.


Help | /msg NickServ Help | lists all the NickServ commands.

AJOIN | /msg NickServ (Add/Del/List) Nickname #Channel | Modifys your Auto Join List so when you login to your NickServ it will autojoin your rooms.

Drop | /msg NickServ DROP Nickname | This will drop and unregister a nick you have registered.

Ghost | /msg NickServ GHOST Nickname Password | If you ping out and your old nickname is still hanging and has not left use GHOST to get rid of it so you can have your nick back.

Group | /msg NickServ GROUP (Main Nickname) (Main Nickname's Password) | If you want to have more than one nickname this will help you have your nicknames under one group with one password.

Identify | /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password | This will identify you to NickServ so you can have your nick.

Register | msg NickServ REGISTER Email | This command will register your nickname with services so it belongs to you, please note that you need to give it a real email address and will have to confirm it.

Set | msg Nickserv SET (Options) | There are many different options to use, explore them.


Activate | /msg HostServ ACTIVATE Nickname | This activates a requested Host for you.

Request | /msg HostServ REQUEST Vhost | Puts in a request for a custom Vhost.


List | /msg MemoServ LIST | Lists your memos that you have waiting for you

Read | /msg MemoServ Read (Memo Number) | Reads the memo you ask for.

Send | /msg MemoServ SEND Nickname Messsage | Sends a message to someone.


Assign | /msg BotServ ASSIGN #Channel Botname | Assigns a bot to your channel.

BotList | /msg BotServ BOTLIST | Shows a list of all bots on the network, please note that only Net Admins can crate bots, if you would like one please ask in #Help.

What is an IRCop?

An IRCop is a member of Network Staff, they are here to maintain the network and enforce Network rules, and help Users when needed.

What an IRCop can do?

Approve VHosts from HostServ
Help with Services Issues
Assist and educate on IRC items
Deal with malicious attacks on the network

What an IRCop can not do

Get involved with Channel Issues
Use their powers to take control of a Channel
Abuse their powers
Assist with a room takeover

These are some but not all, in many case help files are available to help you get the most out of our services, if you have any questions or concerns please talk to a staff member at any time.


Channel And Nickname Management.

You have the ability to register your channel and nickname using services that will help you manage it with ease.

We offer HostServe and other tools and games that help you create a fully customized experience.

We offer games, and many different resources to help you.

And have a full staff available to help you at all times.


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