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We take your privacy very serious, we will not sell, give, or provide any information to anyone for any reason, however if you provide information in open channel, or private message, we are not responsible for the information you give, however if private and personal information is provided to a Network Staff Member unless you give permission other wise it is handled as private, the only exception is legal authorities with a legal warrant is provided. To keep this simple we won't sell or give information period.


At this time we are not using cookies on our site, however we reserve the right to change this at anytime, by accessing and using our web site you consent to its use.

Sexual Harassment

At no time in any way will any form of sexual harassment be tolerated, we do not host sex sites, or dating sites here, and we will not tolerate someone making another feel uncomfortable or harassed in any way.

Equal Opportunity

We believe in equal opportunity, there will be no discrimination, nor will there be any preference given at any time we are fueled by merit and ability period.


We do not have an age limit set in stone, however please note that we do not take absolute control over our Channels (Meaning we will only step in if it is breaking Network rules) and hold no responsibility towards the language a minor may encounter, it is the parents responsibly to raise their children, not the computers with that being said we will not allow your child to be exploited, and will forward logs and complaints to local authorities should we find any evidence of child exploitation or anything in act of illegal activity with a minor.


Having fun and joking around is one thing, cyber bullying and harassment is another, we will not tolerate it period, this is a hard rule.

Electronic Information

You will be required to use an email address to register your nickname, and services logs are saved and maintained, however we do not log your channels and have no responsibility to do so, if you wish your channel to be logged, please look for an eggdrop, a ZNC, or other mediums to log for you.

Religion and Faith

We respect other peoples religions and faith, even if its not ours, however we are not a religious network, and we will not allow people to preach in our main server channels, we ask that you be respectful to other peoples faiths, we will not tolerate any bigotry or hate speech in any method here.


Respect other people, simple as that, we are all here to have fun, but no one here should be made to feel any less of a person by any person, Network Staff or User.


If you wish to link, please speak with one of the admin staff, Suntop, Quo-Fan or Poul, we will ask that you be a regular user, be respected, and be active.


Please do not ask to be an IRCop, it usually ends up being an automatic no, IRCops are recruited based on being active, willing to help other people, among other skill sets we may need.


We do not have any control over Channels, we can not, we will not have any involvement in how Ops are Oped in a Channel ask the Channel staff, however if a Room Owner is having issues we can take a look and investigate.

Warez and other Illegal Activities

Warez are illegal and we will not host them, allow them to be hosted, anything that is illegal will not be allowed or tolerated, we reserve the right to contact authorities should illegal activities become a risk.

Medical Advice

We are not doctors, nurses, councilors, none of us are professional, we have not, or will not hire any professional medical professional, please do not come here looking for medical advice we have 911, our doctors, and the local hospital to help you, please be careful about taking advice in the medical nature here, every body is different and no one here really knows you, if you take medical advice there is a chance it could be the wrong advice and could negatively affect you.

Please do not make suicide threats, and we would encourage everyone to call your local authorities to get help for someone who has made such threats, we look after our own and want everyone to be safe.

Also please note that we reserve to add and amend this at anytime, as well as any Staff Member may use their own discretion with in reason when needed.


Channel And Nickname Management.

You have the ability to register your channel and nickname using services that will help you manage it with ease.

We offer HostServe and other tools and games that help you create a fully customized experience.

We offer games, and many different resources to help you.

And have a full staff available to help you at all times.


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